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The situation surrounding COVID-19 is fast moving. We are doing everything we can to ensure continuity of service to our clients during this period. We have put in place a number of measures at Patrick F. O’Reilly to ensure we have business continuity while dealing with any significant events such as the impact of COVID-19.

  • Our teams are working remotely when needed and will continue to provide advice and professional services without interruption. 
  • Our teams have continuous access to our IT system such as our case management, email and digital dictation systems. All of our client records are held in our case management system which means we should be able to access most of the necessary documentation remotely without the need to have hand to the physical files held in our office. However, there may be some documents such as original title documents which are rarely required that may be held offsite in archive or in our Deed safe.
  • Our office working practices enables all members of our staff to support the various departments where necessary. In the event that our resourcing levels are compromised due to illness or inability to work this may mean prioritisation of urgent cases and we will inform our clients if and when this situation arises.

Post Handling

We expect that emails should allow us to progress correspondence with other firms, companies or institutions. If certain other offices use post or DX there may be delays.

We would urge you to use email in place of post going forward in any event.

Meetings at Our Office

We pride ourselves on providing face to face service to our clients and making ourselves available to meet with our clients where possible. Unfortunately, at the moment it is necessary to refrain from holding face to face meetings. Our team are available for telephone meetings at the mobile numbers at the foot of this letter and we can provide dial in detail via our 24/7 dial in service or alternatively, we will be in a position to hold external meetings through Skype, Video call or Zoom.

Bank Transfers and Cheques

There may be delays in processing cheques.

However, there has been an increasing move toward electronic transfers in recent times and we would ask you where possible to send funds by electronic transfer going forward. Please always ensure that you verify the client account details over the phone with one of our members of staff before authorising a transfer.

Over the two week period you may directly contact the following members of the team are available by mobile;

  • Michael Crowley/Real Estate – 083 8619545
  • Patricia Heavey/Commercial and Litigation – 086 8040731
  • Ciaran O’Shaughnessy/Commercial, Probate & Trust – 086 3123604
  • Fiona Duffy/Litigation and Assisted Human Reproduction – 087 2605778
  • Jacinta O’Sullivan/Real Estate/Commercial – 087 9511113
  • Yvonne Moran/ Litigation- 087 9386862
  • Accounts /Mary Deane- 087 6816064
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